I’ve written for NPR’s This I Believe, the Denver Post, and many other other popular and academic publications. In addition, I’ve written numerous academic and technical reports.

Popular Press and Media Appearances

  • The Promise Of Pay For Success In Early Childhood.  Guest post published online in What Works In America’s Communities.
  • ‘Invest In Colorado’s Youngest Children.”  Guest Commentary published in the Denver Post online, April 29, 2013.
  • “The Spaces Between Us.”  Essay accepted by This I Believe and read aloud on Bob Edwards Weekend, September, 2010
  • Interview on Colorado’s achievement gap on KCFR’s Colorado Matters, September 1, 2006

Book Chapters and Articles

  • Brodsky, A. (2012).  “Estimating the Costs of Early Childhood Systems.”  In Kagan, S. and Kauerz, K.  Early Childhood Systems Building.  New York:  Teachers College Press. 2012.
  • Brodsky, A., DeCesare, D., and Kramer-Wine, J. (2010).  Design and Implementation Considerations for Alternative Teacher Compensation Programs.  Theory Into Practice, Volume 49 Issue 3, 213

Academic Publications, Reports, and Presentations

  • Brodsky, A. (2016). Pay For Success In Early Childhood.  Presentation to the Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference, Denver.
  • Brodsky, A. (2015). Data Issues for Early Childhood Pay For Success Programs. Presentation to the Second Annual Social Impact Performance Advisors, San Diego.
  • Brodsky, A., Workman, S., and Mitchell, A. (2014).  Child Care Provider Characteristics and Net Revenues.  Policy brief prepared for the U.S. Office of Child Care.
  • Brodsky, A.  (2013).  Modeling The Costs and Benefits of Early Childhood Systems.  Presentation to the Asia-Regional Network for Early Childhood, Singapore.
  • Brodsky, A., Roberson, N., and Augenblick, J. (2013).  Pay For Success Financing For Early Childhood Programming in Colorado.  Report prepared for the Piton Foundation.
  • Brodsky, A., and Roberson, N. (2012)  Return on Investment for Early Childhood Investments in Colorado.  Brief prepared for the Colorado Early Childhood Leadership Commission.
  • Brodsky, A., Augenblick, J., and Cunha, J. (2012).  Price Sensitivity in Student Selection of Public Four-Year Institutions in Colorado.  Report presented to the Colorado Department of Higher Education.
  • Brodsky, A. (2010).   2010 Maine Market Rate Survey: Analysis and Recommendations.  Report presented to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.  Washington, D.C.:  National Child Care Information Center.
  • Brodsky, A., Palaich, R., and Rooney, K. (2010).  Early Childhood Infrastructure Financing Study.  Report presented to the State of Colorado Lieutenant Governor’s Office.
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