“The scene seemed picture-perfect. But I still felt that strange cloud, that feeling of not-quite-rightness. I was removed from the day-to-day stresses of work, but something was still off.

Maybe Lisa was right. If I wasn’t happy at work, and I wasn’t happy here, then where was I happy?

And then, in a flash of recognition, I saw what was in my way.

I was afraid.”

Read the entire essay at TinyBuddha.com


“This I Believe” essay

“The Spaces Between Us” was a winner in NPR’s “This I Believe” essay contest. My essay explains how a nice Jewish boy reconciled his spiritual identity when he met a Christian woman.  Full audio and transcript can be found here.

“Lisa and I may use different words to describe God, but we share the same values: charity and compassion, family and community, and a belief in the preciousness of life. Now when I look at the space between us, I see where God lives.”

book in progress

“Reason and spirituality are often thought to be separate paths to the truth. But what if we imbued or quest for meaning with a radical respect for critical thinking?”

Science for Seekers is a journey to understand true nature of the world and our place in it. Using the tools of science and critical thinking, we come to an understanding of the Universe that more miraculous and meaningful than we ever imagined.

For more information and chapter summary, please click here.

“Research has shown that effective early childhood programs can have dramatic impacts on the lives of high-needs children. Now, innovative financing mechanisms are harnessing the power of investments in early childhood, providing new funding sources to improve outcomes for kids, while at the same time providing returns to savvy investors.”

This article, which I wrote for What Works In America’s Communities, explains how a new innovative financing mechanism has the potential to change the way we think about investing in public programs.


“High-quality early childhood programs are also financially savvy investments that yield savings to our economy for years to come”

Hi, I’m Andrew. I write about evidence, critical thinking, spirituality, philosophy, and the quest for truth.

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